You can use plastic cards for a whole variety of different applications.

Use these durable and attractive cards for loyalty programs, contact information, VIP badges, photo IDs and more. On top of their terrific visual appeal, plastic cards also have the capability of interacting with machines in a number of different ways.

Because of the many uses of plastic cards, companies see benefits compared to traditional materials.

Eco-Friendly Plastic You can prevent cards from ending up in the landfill by recycling old plastic cards. Some PVC cards are biodegradable after four years when they are in contact with soil and composite.

If your business wants to be eco-friendlier, recycled plastic business cards are a great step to take.

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  • We provide you with a wide range of card options that you can customize to your heart's content. Reward program cards, cards for promotions, business cards, and more.

We are a leader in plastic card printing, offering custom card printing for clear plastic and full-color cards made from strong PVC plastic, unlike the cheap plastic used by our competitors. Printing on plastic cards is a precision process. Our custom gift card printing and plastic business card printing process results in superior card quality, even on short runs.

Order plastic cards with lots of print options. Whether you’re looking for business cards for your startup or you need a large supply of durable plastic gift cards for a larger company, you can trust us to deliver high-quality cards at affordable prices. PLASTIC GIFT CARDS

Gift Cards Boost sales. Promote your company.

Make gift giving easy!

Gift cards are proven to lead to higher sales with fewer product returns.

Increase brand awareness and bring in more customers while saving money at the same time by purchasing directly from Plastic Card ID. Gift cards play a key role in the shopping experience for consumers today and are growing steadily in the gift industry. In providing the option of a plastic gift, your business provides your customers with an easy gift for their friends and family and guarantees new and repeat customers!

Customer loyalty can be increased with renewable balance gift cards. Custom plastic gift cards are printed with a magnetic strip or bar code on which you apply a dollar value of any amount. The value of the card can be controlled electronically, by creating a renewable balance as well as the opportunity to create repeat customers, while increases customer loyalty, cross-selling as well as in-store promotions.

Customers with gift cards tend to apply them to bigger purchases they might otherwise not make, so you can benefit from up-selling and impulse buying. Even better, your electronically controlled gift card means avoiding cash refunds on the balance!

Make sure you don't miss out on the rapidly growing trend towards using gift cards.

Plastic gift cards can be used by nearly all businesses, not just big retailers. Because the majority of shoppers are now accustomed to the convenience of gift cards, they expect them to be offered by all merchants and business owners. Plastic Card ID provides custom plastic gift cards to businesses of all kinds and all sizes such as grocery stores, pet and gift stores, boutiques and specialty shops, florists and garden shops, automotive shops, car washes, dentists and chiropractors, health clubs, golf courses, clothing and jewelry stores, beauty shops, restaurants and night clubs, and equipment rental stores.

Trust the Plastic Card ID printer team to ensure top quality, unmatched service, and exceptional value. Plastic ID card brand creates customized plastic gift cards that are beautifully designed, durable and offered at competitive prices to meet every marketing budget.

Our experienced and friendly design team is ready to work closely with you to create your custom design or you can upload your own artwork to use.

Our custom plastic gift cards are designed for compatibility with the majority of POS software or service providers.

Call us today or order online so you can find out more about all the possible options and features which we can provide for you.

Don’t hesitate to ask how we can help develop your unique plastic gift card idea or concept.


Are you looking for high-quality membership cards, VIP cards, or loyalty cards for your customers? If so, look no further.

We are the authority in plastic membership cards that will help you stand apart from the competition.

Our plastic cards are durable, water-resistant, and are compatible with most POS systems.

If you have any concerns about compatibility issues, don’t hesitate to give us all call; our friendly staff may have helped others in similar circumstances. It is understood that attractive loyalty membership card help reinforce your message and branding with your most loyal customers and influence new customers to become members. Don’t leave this valuable marketing asset to just anyone.

Our commitment to innovation means your most valuable customers will cherish your carefully-crafted VIP membership cards. CUSTOM MEMBERSHIP CARDS

Create membership cards that are easy to use and unique to your business brand. Need to boost your Membership Program? We are here to help! Plastic Membership Cards can support your organization

Add bar codes, QR codes, magnetic stripes and more to provide all sorts of added functionality to your membership cards

We can print high-quality, low cost customized membership cards.

We offer wholesale pricing.

We are the authority in membership cards separating you from the competition.

Our cards resist water damage, last a long time, and work well with popular POS and customer management systems You can reinforce your message and branding among your loyal customers with beautiful loyalty membership cards.

Demand the best, and have us create this valuable marketing asset for your business.

We are committed to ensuring that your prime customers will value your beautifully created VIP membership cards. Our custom plastic membership cards will help you remain top-of-mind for your customers, since they are as easy-to-carry as ID cards, discount cards, or VIP cards.

We offer a great many options such as embossing, barcode printing, variable data printing, and magnetic stripes, all of which makes Plastic Card ID the number one custom card printer for high quality cards at an affordable price.

Want to save space, time and money? Then consider our fulfillment services on all types of plastic cards.

Order your customized membership cards online or contact one of our friendly customer service representatives today! Plastic Card ID prints membership cards for organizations and institutions around the world. PVC CARDS

Blank PVC CR80 Cards


Graphics-quality blank PVC cards are essential for any business that wants to print their own ID cards, gift cards, or membership cards.

These cards can be used with most photo ID card printers like DataCard, Zebra, Fargo, Evolis, Magicard, NBS, etc. Standard Blank PVC Cards These cards are made of durable PVC plastic and are available in several forms, from the standard CR80 to magnetic stripe cards.

PVC cards are great for high-security, multi-functional ID card programs. CUSTOM PLASTIC BADGES Conference Badges & Event Badges

Create a unique experience for your attendees with custom badges.